SIFA 2018 | SKY KAVE - Performances


Unlock new dimensions to experiencing sound in this tactile music installation.

Why just hear sound when one can
 also feel and see it? This is the premise
 of SKY KAVE, a music and visual art installation by Singapore multidisciplinary artist FERRY and technical collaborators Rong Zhao and Kelvin Ang. The artists have created a suspended projection screen and a “Kave” floor – specially crafted platform chairs equipped with tactile sound transducers—that enables the transmission of sound frequencies into physical vibrations. The platform chairs target different parts of the body with different ranges of frequencies.

Developed around research and interviews conducted with various members of the deaf and hearing-centric community, SKY KAVE isn’t so much about hearing sound and music, rather, by adding touch and sight to the experience, one can discover and experience new ways of enjoying it.


A new work specially commissioned and developed for SKY KAVE, this unique collaboration sees a deaf artist and a hearing centric musician come together to explore their different perspectives about what sound means to each of them and how they relate to sounds around them.

Issy and Evan’s work delves into how everyday experiences are physically felt, their emotion and their meaning from very differing perspectives. The post-show talk will also discuss and provide insight into the creation process as well as a sharing of Issy’s and Evan’s experiences of working together and navigating everyday life.


Isabelle Lim, age 24 is an aspiring photographer who has Nager Syndrome, a rare condition. Born with profound deafness, she uses sign language to communicate. She graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts (Art Photography) from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2016 with the support of the Dare to Dream scholarship and held her first solo exhibition 'See What I See' at the Enabling Village the same year. In 2017, she held her second exhibition cum fund-raiser for the Today Enable Fund at SPRMRKT, featuring 'Living with Grace' a photo essay collaborated with her cousin Tham Yin May.

Evanturetime is the musical alias of Singaporean producer, Evan Low. The multi-instrumentalist wunderkind makes music and draws inspiration from encountered items – be it an instrument or something more unusual like a tree branch. His talent lies in being able to mash all these sounds into one gooey satisfying pile of auditory narratives that converges and collapses together through analysis, mimicry and tough love.

A Berklee College of Music graduate who majored in electronic production and design, Evanturetime has accomplished leaps and bounds in his young career; having produced and performed with artists such as iNCH, Linying and The Sam Willows, to composing for brands such as Adidas, Toyota and Lego, as well as audio engineering for international artists such as David Foster and Nathan East, to name a few.

(30m, no intermission)

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May 10 - May 12, 2018
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